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Searching for a new job should not be a full-time hassle. It should not waste the candidate's time looking for some profession. Rather online platforms should be an easy access for candidate guidance. iBusiness Solutions plays a vital role in this regard and is always here for your assistance.

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Advertise A Job

Advertisement plays an important role in informing people about new job openings. Advertisement of jobs helps in attracting aspiring candidates quickly. Posting job requirements on IBSC leads businesses to finding the best candidates for their organization whilst aslo saving their time and energy. Post excellent job advertisements and post what appeals most to aspiring candidates.


CV Search

iBusiness Solutions has a diverse record of eligible candidates. We provide quick and easy search results for CV search with certified candidates who are matched and ranked based on requirements. iBusiness Solutions provides economical CV package modules including Power, Super and Unlimited CV Packages. Organizations can purchase the best package for themselves and utilize all our services described in them.


Recruiter Profiles

We have partenerd with some of the best recruiters in the country! We have profiles of well reputed recruiters posting jobs of all specialties regularly and hence providing a golden chance of getting hired for candidates. Such profiles make it possible for job seekers to reach employers using a single platform. Our specialized recruiters provide timely guidance to candidates who approach them.


Temp Search

Searching for a job is always a time consuming task. iBusiness Solutions makes the process both efficient and effective by providing an option for a targeted job search without the need for tedious sign ups. One can find a suitable job in any field here without having to visit the job portal in depth. All the current and upcoming jobs are viewable and accessible for all authorized users (having account on iBusiness Solutions).


Display Jobs

Displaying jobs on job portals allow job seekers to easily find jobs instead of wasting their time on manually scrolling or searching. iBusiness Solutions is always concerned about user’s comfort. Jobs of all the types and fields are posted and displayed from around the world. Wherever you live in the world, you can get your required job from here with just a single click. This is why candidates love iBusiness Solutions.


For Agencies

Many organizations, companies brands and agencies are affiliated with Business Solutions, who are always in search for competent individuals for their work both quickly and at lower costs. Recruiting agencies take advantage by partnering with iBusiness Solutions in this regard for smoother hiring process. The agencies post their vacancies on iBusiness Solutions with the believe that they will find the best talent for their vacancies.


What Make Us Unique?

We give companies and businesses a chance to get to know their applicants better, establish connections, and expand their talent pool. Our platform makes it easy to manage different hiring procedures across the firm with ease and allows your employees to work together as a team.

With employer branding and online recruiting, iBusiness Solutions is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Our team includes members with driven and energetic personalities. Our guiding principles are unique, contemporary, and individual. This permeates all we do, including how we interact with consumers and employers. We enjoy what we do and make it fun for others involved with us as well.

  • About Job Career

    iBusiness Solutions is a jobsite /portal which aims to assist job seekers and employers to find the best job-fit match. iBusiness Solutions is an advantageous platform where employers and agencies post their job requirements and job seekers can directly apply for their desired jobs with a single click. Our job portal makes it possible for both entities to find the best available proposition to pursue their future goals.

    We have developed special sections for Employers and Candidates along with modules for CV and job packages for user convenience. The CV and Job packages are usually cost-effective and affordable for almost every recruiter.

  • Featured Employers

    Being a recruiter/employer, you have to encounter various challenges, from increasing your visibility with job seekers to quickly finding a suitable match. Some challenges can be pretty stressful, especially in cases when many days pass and roles or vacancies remain unfilled. There are just so many opportunities for candidates out there, and in fact much competition with all of them, trying to attract, identify and capture opportunities from the same pool of your organization.

    Our Featured Employers can get more exposure for jobs as well as for the company. Becoming an IBSC Featured Employer empowers you to take this even further by providing additional advantages to upgrade your company and helps you find and attract quality candidates.